A well?!

Whilst digging out the basement we came across this old brick structure. It may have been used to store coal or ice or perhaps even a well!? Now we have the challenge of turning it into a wine cellar….

Lead work

The roof is on! Certainly a relief after all the rain we have had. The lead work looks great….


We have recently completed ‘The Lion’ for The Empire space on Vyner Street. We commissioned a time-lapse video to capture the construction, which you can see here

Amazingly South End Row still has the original gas lighting which we will be restoring and making safe, perfect for a cosy winters evening…

This fabulous old Canopy Bath has been rescued from a shed in Cornwall to be lovingly restored by The Bath Business. The surface will be re-enamelled, the fittings re-plated in brass and the outside painted in a colour to be decided. I vote midnight blue…

These discreet soft close cupboards under the stairs will maximise storage.


initial sketches for the kitchen cabinets – meat hook hanging system, free standing cupboards with shaker doors, pull out chopping boards and spice rack.


After researching storage solutions for the kitchen as space is limited we came across these refrigerator drawers from Fisher and Paykel. They can be inserted into a freestanding unit and switched from fridge to freezer which is perfect for the space and needs of the client.